Welcome to Down Under Green Homes

  • Green Home - Smart Choice
    Green Homes are just the ordinary homes
    built with specific goal to save your money
    through reduction of energy usage.
    Better insulation, smart design, special
    care of reducing waste and material management
    These homes look exactly like surranding houses
    but much more efficient and cheaper to maintain.
  • Interior Matters
    An Interior makes home bigger.
    Open space areas as well as carefully chosen
    furniture will bring up your living habitant more enjoyable.
    Descent appearance either modern or traditional style
    will increase its value for longer.
  • Woman Privacy
    Restricted area for food lovers and real chef experts.
    Usual woman but more and more man private field.
    Our goal to create a perfect place for you enjoyment.
    Lets create it together. .
  • Bathroom As Honeymoon
    Here is the place where all of us finish a long hard day.
    Not as used to be, just quick refreshment space
    but today the space we love to stay longer.
    First class carefully designed fittings.
    Enough space for you and your partner together.
    We use only the best quality.

Welcome to DUGH Homes, Melbourne home builder with new homes built along renovation and sub-contractor services across Victoria. 100% of the homes we build meet and exceed by design Six STAR ENERGY (PDF) requirements.

These homes, called GREEN homes, help save energy and money, conserve water and improve indoor air quality.


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